CHUNTA is a professional ISO-9001 certified power tool manufacturer and located in the Nang Kang Industrial Park, Taiwan.

CHUNTA takes reliable products, fashionable appearance and comprehensiveness of power tools as a role to provide our global customers with latest and superior tools worldwide. Today, we are designing and producing the premium quality of cordless products such as Impact Wrench, Drill Driver, Rivet Nut tool, Rivet Tool and Screw Driver through our production plants and supply chain.

Being a quality-oriented tool company, CHUNTA products are made by top quality raw-materials with meticulous care. Furthermore, we deeply believe and implement the principal that our customer's success comes first. We continue to exert our effort at earning that trust day by day.

春達電動工具股份有限公司 (CHUNTA POWER TOOL CO., LTD)
Address: 54065 南投縣南投市自強二路3號 (No.3, Ziqiang 2nd Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 54065, Taiwan)
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